A Season Reimagined

What is the role of a symphony orchestra during a global pandemic? How can music help people cope with drastic changes to their day-to-day lives? Is it possible for us to continue providing educational content? When will we be able to perform repertoire involving a full roster of players to a large audiences again? These are some of the challenging questions that must be considered when planning for our future in the weeks and months ahead. Among all of the uncertainties, one guiding principal has emerged: the Lake Geneva Symphony Orchestra will not only continue, but will thrive this season. What will be different from previous years is exactly how we will connect with our players, audience, and supporters in this community.


Beethoven’s nine symphonies are incredible pieces of music, but did you know he also has 17 string quartets? Brahms composed four symphonies, but he also wrote a wide range of music for ensembles sizes of two to six players. Most of the same composers that LGSO audiences hear at symphonic concerts have also showcased their expert compositional craftsmanship in their work for smaller chamber ensembles. While we have regularly featured some of this music at our Chamber Music Concert Series each year, we now have the opportunity to involve even more players, as well as the ability to play more performances.


At various points throughout this season, LGSO chamber ensembles will offer performances that will be announced about a week ahead of time. Sometimes these will be live and streamed on our facebook page, and others will be released at a specific time on our YouTube channel. It may be possible to play for a socially-distanced audience, and we will announce these kinds of performances at least two weeks in advance.

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This component of our mission remains as important as ever. We have expanded our educational offerings to include individual players recording video demonstrations on their instrument. The idea is that teachers can use the videos as a resource to supplement instruction. A handful of recordings have already been made, and as requests come in, we will add to the collection throughout the season.

Additional Content

Player profiles, Music Heals playlists, rehearsal clips, virtual orchestra videos, and videos of past performances will be available both on the facebook page and through eblasts.

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Because we are not charging for any performance or putting up any kind of paywall for content, we are depending on gifts from individuals and businesses to support us during this challenging time. If you are able to provide any support, please click here.