Support us


The support of donors, sponsors, volunteers, and musicians is vital to the success of the Lake Geneva Symphony in its mission to bring great symphonic music and music education to our community. LGSO offers multiple ways to give to the orchestra.

  • Donations are an important source of revenue and fund the bulk of LGSO’s operations. Ticket revenue covers only about a third of operating costs, which include personnel, practice space, performance spaces, and printed music. LGSO also organizes initiatives to support music education in the community and subsidizes free tickets for students.
  • Sponsorships are donations with a promotional benefit to the sponsor.
  • Volunteers make quality events possible, as well as perform important tasks like organizing music, planning events, and back office activities.
  • LGSO’s musicians are also volunteers.  The orchestra offers the opportunity to play great music under great leadership that emphasizes both education and excellence.

When you support the Lake Geneva Symphony, you enrich your own life and the life of the whole community.