We are grateful for the support of our fine family of donors.  The Lake Geneva Symphony depends on you to provide world class music and support for our educational missions. Thank you.

$5,000 and above
Anne and Edson McCord
John and Linda Anderson

$2,000 and above
Michael Keefe
Debra and Richard Schwinn
Dave and Sue Childress
Sharon Larson
Ray Ring

$1,000 and above
Becky and Wayne Anderson
Clyde Bachand
Rob and Sharon Keefe
Bob and Jane Klockars

$500 and up

Cafe Calamari
Nancy Geidel
Tom Ganser
David and Jill Heller
Ashton and Joanne Kantner
David and Sara McConnell
Ginny and Nels Madsen
Janice Palzkill
Tom Parker
Dora and Jack Tippens
Julie Warren


$250 and up

Laurie Cornue
Adam and Lisa Gauslow
Jenni Hansen
Dave Murray
Lois O’Brien
Karen Olson
D.S. Pledger
Roseann Rohloff and Joseph Rybacek
Arlie and Mary Tucker
Susan Tumminello 

Under $100

Patrick Romenesko
Amazon Smile
Terry Yanke

$100 and up

David Anderson
Danelle Bartz
Mark and Paula Bell
Karin Bennett
Alan and Roxanne Buchholz
Kim Cochenour
Community FDN Macon Il
Nichole Cooper
Amy and Brian Crowley
Ken Etten
Mike and Pam Frazier
Gerald and Zoe Gorecki
Sonja and Thomas Haeger
Robert Hahn
Cynthia and Graham Hodgson
Karen Johnson
Brigette and George Kutschma
Stanley Logterman
Otto Maus
Bob and Ruth Ann Morava
Mary Norris
Janis Notz
Cynthia Rapshus
Linda and Tom Rice
Cyndee Sentieri
Martin and Melva Stockwell
Rosemary White-Traut

You can join this group of donors with your own support.