Play the following sections:

– beginning to rehearsal 1

– rehearsal 2 to rehearsal 5

(The first two sections can be heard in the first 1:36 of the recording below.)

– 4 before rehearsal 10 to the downbeat of rehearsal 12

(3:58 to 4:45 on recording)

– rehearsal 13 to the 5th bar before rehearsal 16. Then, repeat the 6th and 5th bars before rehearsal 16

(5:43-6:51 on recording)

– rehearsal 17A to end

– take both 2nd endings from rehearsal 18 to rehearsal 20

(7:42 to end on recording)

Click here for the recording.

Dvorak New World, mvt 1    

Play the following two sections:

– m1 to m38 (15th measure of the Allegro molto)

m288 (16th measure of rehearsal 9) to the end

using this recording, at 2:46, skip to 7:03



Beer Barrel Polka  

Before going to rehearsal F, repeat to the 3rd bar of D. When you get to F the second time, go on.

The recording (here) isn’t our exact version, but it’s close.

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