Private Lesson Scholarship Program

The LGSO Private Lesson Scholarship Program provides financial support for instrumental music students in our public schools to take private lessons from qualified teachers. The goal is to influence more students to aspire to greater dedication and proficiency on their instruments, so as to increase participation and musical quality in the school music programs. Students who take private lessons are natural leaders in their school ensembles. LGSO believes having more students take private lessons leads to a higher-level artistic experience for everyone.
While more and better music is a great end in itself, there is more. Research suggests that students who study music over time benefit from higher achievement in English, science, and math. It seems that studying music and playing in ensembles helps young people process information, think critically, and synthesize logical and creative knowledge. LGSO encourages students to be involved in music, not just to be musicians, but to have all of the advantages that music study provides.

The Private Lesson Scholarship Program is not based on financial need and is presently open to string students in the Lake Geneva public schools. LGSO hopes to expand the program in the future.
Email if you would like to apply for the scholarship.