I started playing horn in 10th grade because I got yelled at – for playing someone else’s horn. And I wasn’t even in that band. At Albion College I continued playing horn with the support of a music scholarship. Upon graduation I quit and seriously considered making a lamp out the horn. Twenty some odd years ago I made the second best decision in my life: to come back to the horn.  Currently, I perform with Lake Geneva Orchestra for the past eight years. My other performance groups include Fox Valley Concert Band, Fox Valley Orchestra, Cor Corps, Col. Webb’s Band of Music, an American Revolutionary Reenactment group, and Bethlehem Brass, a quintet that has raised over $275K for charity. Professionally, I have a Masters of Science in Instructional Technology. I am continuing my career as a Clinical Program Specialist with Matrix Medical Network. I live in Elgin IL with Don, my husband. We can be found in the garden, on the Fox River paddling, or hanging out with Sparke and Tippet, our cats named after music composers of course.