Dvorak New World, mvt 4      

Play the following three sections:

– m1 to 99 (8th bar of rehearsal 4)

– m166 (2 before rehearsal 7) to the end of m213 (rehearsal 9)

– m313 (15th bar of rehearsal 12) to the end

The recording provided (here) is our exact version.



Play the following sections:

– beginning to rehearsal 1

– rehearsal 2 to rehearsal 5

(The first two sections can be heard in the first 1:36 of the recording below.)

– 4 before rehearsal 10 to the downbeat of rehearsal 12

(3:58 to 4:45 on recording)

– rehearsal 13 to the 6th bar before rehearsal 16. Then, repeat the 6th bar before rehearsal 16

(5:43-6:51 on recording)

– rehearsal 17A to end

(7:42 to end on recording)

Click here for the recording.


Beach Boys                                                   

Take all repeats


Beer Barrel Polka  

Before going to rehearsal F, repeat to the 3rd bar of D. When you get to F the second time, go on.

The recording (here) isn’t our exact version, but it’s close. Besides the added 2 measures at the beginning, the form is the same. 

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